Executive Producer

Melissa Taylor

Melissa Taylor, Jell Brand Strategy

Melissa has been producing videos for 20 years, and has been knocking around the industry for even longer. She has worked on projects throughout the United States and around the globe. Before joining Jell, she worked at several of Chicago’s leading video firms, including IPA, Rivet Media, and Resolution. Her roster of end-clients has included Kellogg’s, GM, Walgreens, Kyrocera, Sprint, AstraZeneca, and BMO Harris.

Melissa’s specialty is making teams and projects work—knowing all the right people, meshing personalities, budgeting tightly when that sort of thing is required, anticipating pitfalls, and plotting alternate scenarios to get jobs done on time and on budget.

A native of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, Melissa came to the Midwest to attend The University of Chicago and has never looked back. When she’s not thinking about crews, cameras, and cuts, she can be found improvising in the kitchen, reading two or more books simultaneously, practicing yoga, and obsessing over the needs (imaginary or otherwise) of her dogs.