Imagine the moment before you step up to a podium, the moment before you enter the room. How will you connect to your audience?

In that moment, you must know exactly what you believe and why your offering matters to the people you’re about to address. This understanding must be crystal clear, deeply rooted, and unwavering. You’ve boiled it down to just a few simple sentences. These are the core ideas that will guide everything you say.

Your MESSAGING is your mantra

Messaging is a distillation of all we know about the power and promise of your brand. It compresses the key insights gleaned from research and combines that knowledge with strategic decisions made in brand definition, architecture, and positioning.

Your messaging platform contains the essential themes, phrases, and sentences that represent your core beliefs and promises. Messaging codifies the ways in which you’ll engage your stakeholders.

Our goal in messaging

To facilitate consistent communications and marketing, we will develop a go-to system—a variety of elements and guidelines—that may include a tagline, examples of slogans, an elevator pitch, and engagement language tuned for specific audiences.

We’ll help you find a voice that’s authentic, familiar, and engaging. We’ll strive for a brand story that’s timeless, true, and easy to tell. You’ll have a language to express your brand essence and promise.

Messaging is where the public side of branding begins. These are the ideas and words that will resonate and drive behavior.