Brand audit

Do you suspect that your brand’s health is on the wane?

Is your brand vision cloudier than it once was? Are your communications less nimble? Sensing little aches and pains when you try to engage? Perhaps now is the time to take stock and do a complete diagnostic.


There’s no single recipe that works for every brand, but there are some common goals that drive most audits. Even in the briefest audit, we strive to:
1. Summarize what people see, hear, and feel when you try to engage them;
2. Assess your organization’s relationship with both internal and external stakeholders; and
3. Compare this current state of affairs with the future state you desire. 

These goals can be daunting, especially without help from an objective third party.

That’s where we come in. To complete an audit with confidence, you need a trusted and experienced advisor.

Elements of a thorough brand audit

No two brand audits are identical. The depth and breadth of our audit will depend on the size, age, scope, complexity, and goals of your organization.

The dimensions of your brand which we may consider exploring in our assessment include:

  • Beliefs and purpose;
  • Patterns related to opportunity, innovation, and risk;
  • Messaging;
  • Communication style and frequency;
  • Leadership structure and dynamics;
  • Partnerships;
  • Competitive position and landscape;
  • Employee perception, experience, and behaviors;
  • External stakeholder perception, experience, and behaviors;
  • Visual standards and media assets.

In each area we explore, we will provide both top line observations and representative findings. Most brand audits culminate in a SWOT analysis and recommendations for next steps.