Case Study

Illuminating Satori’s
brand potential

Founded in 2003 by David C. Wiers, Satori Energy had grown with a series of acquisitions into an industry leader, with over 50,000 accounts and more than $140 million in energy savings for its clients. We were asked to develop a brand strategy, collateral system, and digital services.

Satori had been repeatedly ranked #1 in Overall Supplier Satisfaction and twice awarded Broker of the Year, but lacked a coherent messaging strategy and marketing tools to capitalize on its accomplishments.

In our discovery meetings with Satori’s leadership team, we learned the details of their business and how their transparent sales practices helped to differentiate Satori from competitors.

Even with their rapid growth, Satori’s relaxed, congenial company culture hadn’t changed. Team members enjoyed going into work. But that upbeat vibe was missing from Satori’s branding. We put it front and center, not only to provide a more authentic view of the company, but also to make shopping for electricity a more pleasant experience and to create distance from their main competitors, most of which featured drab imagery and messaging.

Our new position and messaging strategy radiated the warmth of Satori’s corporate culture and reflected the transparency and positive outlook of its founder.

We created the tagline “Become enlightened,” not only to play on the company’s somewhat esoteric name (“satori” is a Japanese Buddhist term for “awakening,” “comprehension,” or “enlightenment”), but to make it clear that Satori was committed to helping their clients make fully informed decisions.

To deliver on this promise, we designed a full suite of sales collateral to offer clients insights into terminology, case studies, the markets, and buying factors. To remind clients that Satori is first and foremost a team of trustworthy and personable professionals—rather than a faceless corporate entity—we created high-energy one-pagers spotlighting each salesperson, each featuring a large portrait and a quotation, in addition to a brief bio.

The website was redesigned to match, featuring a brighter color palette, concise, to-the-point copy, and 
a pervading sense of Satori’s unique corporate vibe.

Our client’s brilliant trajectory was noticed by Priority Power, which acquired Satori in 2021.


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Educational one-pagers

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