About Jell

We have a passion for developing high-impact brand strategies with purpose. 

Is your brand misunderstood? Stuck in neutral? Underperforming or straining to keep up with growing demands? Choose Jell if you’re ready to leap forward.

Let’s collaborate to focus your brand on its North Star.

Our purpose

Our purpose is clarifying and promoting your purpose. We partner with ambitious leaders who want their organizations to evolve and thrive—to fulfill their untapped potential.

We begin by helping leaders discover essential (and often very surprising) insights about their brands and the perceptions of key stakeholders and target audiences.

Then we collaborate to define a shared vision for the brand’s future and chart a roadmap for success.


Our beliefs are simple and strongly held. Great brands are driven by purpose, guided by strategy, and informed by research. You need all three to compete.

What else do we believe?
1. Brand research and insights are essential to developing effective strategy and branding. If you don’t fully understand the perceptions and needs of your stakeholders and target audiences, you’re flying blind.
2. Brand strategy is the deliberate and mindful articulation of a differentiated brand. While brand strategy should be future-oriented, and it may not fully reflect your current state of affairs, it must be true and timeless. You must be willing to commit to the strategy wholeheartedly and without equivocation.
3. Your brand is everything. Don’t underestimate its importance. Don’t confuse it with your logo or your tagline. Your brand is who you are and what you believe. Your brand is how you treat people inside and outside your organization, and the way you conduct your business. Your brand is how your clients, customers, or supporters perceive you. For better or for worse, your brand is alive and ever-changing—a complex web of values, beliefs, perceptions, and actions.
4. Branding is our effort to align your brand with strategy so that you can reach your goals. Over time, the effectiveness of branding can be periodically re-evaluated with additional research, then tuned as necessary to improve awareness and perceptions in accordance with your strategy.


When you ask tough questions, we won’t make up answers to get by. If there’s a debate, we won’t just roll over to keep everyone happy. We’ll be forthright and honest.

We love the work that we do, and we become deeply invested in the success of our clients. We want our clients to become more effective in their efforts and to reach or surpass the goals they set.

Choose Jell if you’re looking for strong guidance—a partner that will steer you away from missteps and pitfalls. Choose Jell if you’re seeking clear-headed analyses, straight talk, and research-driven brand strategies.