Project Partner

Rebecca Bates

Rebecca is a senior marketing professional with 15 years of international experience in non-profit, private, and government sectors. She has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Rebecca loves breaking down complex problems and creating data-driven, integrated marketing strategies that drive growth, whether to increase app users for a start up or donor giving for a nonprofit. Rebecca’s skills include strategic marketing and planning; leading and developing high performing teams; data analysis and continuous optimisation; global experience and cultural competency; creating strong relationships with stakeholders and external partners and clients; budgeting and building fundraising strategy.

Her passion centers around justice and inclusion with much of her professional and volunteer work focused on immigrant, asylum seeker, and refugee rights.

Prior to partnering with Jell, Rebecca held leadership positions in marketing and communications at Interfaith Youth Core;; Intermarketing Agency; Benenden Health; and RAPP London.

She received her BSC Marketing from Lancaster University.